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Wood Box Cover Salvage Large Vintage

$53.95 $ 37.77
SKU : es-115039988 Category : Moldings & Trim

We have a Wood Box Cover Salvage Large Vintage item. It measures about 12" in
w x about 23 1/4" in l x about 3/8" in d on the boards and about 1" in d
considering the lateral supports on the back. It is made up of 2 boards with a
long support board in between on the l on the back and then 5 lateral support
boards nailed on with the center one being shorter than the other. There is a
rusty bent hasp in the center and 1/2 hinges on the opposing side (the other
side of the hinge is missing). There is writing on the top "John Co" and a
scribble on the other board. The boards are both very slightly warped. I was
hoping someone could repurpose/reuse this.

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Brand rarefinds4u