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Vessel sink for bathroom in Emerald and gemstone colous

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Moroccan Handmade ceramic sinks

Emerald green handmade ceramic sink washbasin sink bowl like a jewel.Get our
sinks at 50% less.

The Morocco's pottery sinks were and still fashion in the Moroccan
architecture, ceramics durability and mosaic beauty make this art very asked
all over the world . It is a heritage from father to son. Moroccan pottery then
diversified reaches the stage on global fame by increasing mastery each day.
rich within its richness of colours and designs, antique and modern, that is
among the actual treasures regarding the Kingdom of Morocco, specifically the
cities like Fez, Safi or Meknes, influenced by means of the Berber
tribes,morish and Islamic culture,
Ceramics , wonderful pieces like vases,washbasin sinks, plates, pots, dishes,
bowls and diverse into a awesome typical design, handmade extremity handpainted
by skilful artisans, a widespread Further part for bathrooms and kitchens.The
moroccan handmade ceramic sinks you chose actually with our master designers
makes you gain a extra private, fashionable of your bathroom


Is the domestic of handcrafted vintage Moroccan art that makes an identic
image of the old history to merge into the contemporary society.


mosaic, Pottery, old designed objects . displays the seem to be ideal home.
The virtue of truth regarding our Moroccan objects are compared to none.
Take a look at our many one-of-a-kind styles, Colours, designs, textures and
authentic pieces that will add an art look to your home, . The pure Moroccan
handmade ceramic sinks are just a bit on the preferences you execute choose
from our selection of size and colours choices makes it easy to customise your
sink in your preferred purchase


-Place Origin : Morocco ( FEZ )
-Materials stability longevity : natural grey CLAY that is fired twice
-Color durability stability permanency stability durability toughness
longevity stability durability : Choose the colour you want in the sink when
you need a change
- Waste ( Drain ) : Please Choose ( Steel / Copper ) when wanted


We offer a wide choices of lovely Moroccan ceramic durability washbasins sinks
that are handmade and hand-painted the use of vintage skills by historic
artisans the town of Fez. Our ceramic . We also offer a variety about lovely
handmade Tamgroute sinks vessels from the vicinity about tamgroute situated
situated in the desert of
Morocco, All our washbasins has stability waste protected and very well glazed.
Elegant, great set directly from Morocco. This moroccan handmade ceramic sink
are done by the skillful moroccan efficient craftsmen. Technique out of Fes is
famous for the prosperity over layout and cemitrical permanency patterns
as well so because of a range over colorations as are consequently meaningful
because Morocco washbasin ceramic sink bowl can be installed outdoor and
indoor. Moroccan handmade ceramic sinks and mosaic (personalised) your bathroom
as you imagine it. Because the basins are handmade with the aid of moroccan
painters, makes each of them unique. In the photos of the rummer you might also
parley the reflections of light .
The wash manger is built within a arrogance soloist or the rim about the bowl
sticks outdoors over the counter top. Moroccan handmade ceramic sinks
washbasins enhances the experience concerning harmony or stylish simplicity.
The Moroccan handmade ceramic sinks and mosaic are easy to clean and don't
change colours or durability as the are water,and detergent proof quality.
Perfect in the kitchen bathroom outdoor or indoor.

Our hand-painted washbasin ceramic sinks from Morocco are easy for
installation, in contrast to mean grade mass manufacturing printed sinks. The
be submerged has a norm quantity drain 4.5 cm . If you have got any questions
don't hesitate to contact for further information. We'll keep delightful in
accordance with assist you.

● Moroccan ceramic washbasin are durable and their colours don't change
● a hundred percent handmade washbasin sink.
● our ceramic sinks are for indoor and outdoor.
● Compatible with anybody plumbing regulation in the world.
● Can stay back indoors and outdoors snow proof
● Every colour is personnally elect in conformity to the decoration of your
● Every handpainted design is a unique piece, they may differ in touch but
they are identical as they are perfect handmade and handpainted
● our washbasin are luxurious and ideal for toilets and kitchens bathrooms
●stainless drain siphon included.

Handmade line of production of mosaic and pottery:

We are a cooperative that produces pottery and mosaic situated in Fes city in
We work with grey clay unlike other products that may be found in the streets
of fes which are either seconds or terra cotta products .
Why people prefer our products.
Indeed as we have explained before we are a very old family who produces and
sell mosaic and pottery in Fes city but we have just strated our experience in
When you buy from our shop then you will get the real first quality of either
mosaic or pottery and that will help us continue our art
production. As your shopping mosaic or pottery will help many families whom
artisans has participated in the line of production of your oder.

Step one:

We bring the clay from the caves of Ben Jelliq "an area situated far away from
Fes city by 3 km /1.87 miles."As we bring the clay wet , we leave it drying
under sun very well, then we break it into small pieces and and put inside a
pool then we poor water on it .
we leave it a week. An expert artisan has to go inside the pool and wedges the
clay to get a paste.

Pottery production:

Some of the paste we use it to make pottery and the other we use it to make
mosaic .
When we want to make pottery we take some clay then we hit it very well to get
rid of the bobbles and to take out any small stones could be found inside the
Then we put some of the clay on the manual wheel and we start the production.
We make many objects but the trimmings comes later when the products dry very

Designs :

We do have our special original designs that are inspired from our culture .
Each item has a story behind that we prefer to hand it hand to the buyer of
our pieces at the time of delivery buy our carriers because of copying or text
it to the buyer directly.

The colours:

All the colour we are using in our products are minerals and safe for use in
the kitchen.
We don't use chemicals nor led in our products.

Mosaic productions:

The clay we get from the pool, we poor it inside modes to get rectangular
blocks that we hit with a flat hummer to make two square tiles 12cm/12cm.
The tiles we produce, we fire them twice in a very high temperature:

Firing process :

The first firing process in 1200C°/2192F° eight hours.
The second firing process after the colouring and the glazing process in

The tiles we get are in polychromie colours as (figure 1)
We use these tiles(zellije) to make tabletops
and fountains.

How it 's made ?

We sketch on the tiles many cemitrical designs that we cut using a sharp
The pieces obtained we assemble them upsidedown to realize your projects and
orders then we cover them with epoxy and after four days of dring we flip the
projet over .

autobiography of the cooperative:

We are a very old Morish family who came from spain and installed in Fes. We
brought with us all the skills of productions of pottery and mosaic and which
we developed by time in addition, to the best quality of the clay found in Fes
we have decided to install in Fes city.

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