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R93 Center Flourish, EFEX, Free Shipping

$32 $ 22.4
SKU : es-920576722 Category : Home Improvement

Height 6.2″
Width 5.2″

Affix with Cement Glue.

Gothic Furniture Rosette’s let you play with a style that is not easy to find
today. A little on the large size this R93 is perfect to give that old world

You dont need a heating gun or hair dryer. You don't need to struggle to bend
them and they wont break if you do it wrong! These moldings and trims are the
easiest to use on the market. We love the quality and easy application! Our
Efex are the only truly bendable trims on the market so they wrap around tables
and corners like no other product available today. AND THEY ARE MADE IN THE USA!

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Brand PickersPalaceTexas