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Puzzolan. Weight 1 kg .Modifier for increasing the strength of gypsum and concrete products.

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Puzzolan. Weight 1 kg .Modifier for increasing the strength of gypsum and
concrete products..

AzmirStone can offer you Puzzolan !

Bottle weight: 1 kilogram

For the production of facade tiles with modern lightweight technology, it is
necessary to add Puzzolan from the gypsum-cement mixture.

Puzzolan serves as a link between gypsum and cement. If you mix gypsum, cement
and pozzolan you will get:

- high strength; (m100 - m150 in the course of 28 days).

- quick drying of the tiles in the form of 25-30 minutes; (in contrast to a
purely cement, which dries 18-24 hours).

- low cost of finished products; (much lower than cement, pisque and crushed

- rapid turnover of forms with a small amount; (for cement you need exactly as
many forms as you want to do for a shift).

Recipes for facade tiles:

Calculation for 1kg.

Gypsum - 1kg. (F4; F5; G6)
Cement - 300 g. (M500)
Puzzolan - 20 g.

Addition AzmirStone Modifier - 6 cc / cm. (In a syringe)

Armwool fiber - 3 g.

Water - 400 ml.

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