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Purple Amethyst Crystal Agate Washroom Decorative Expensive Hand Wash Basin Sink Bowl for Home,Hotel Rooms Decor

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12"x12"x4" Inches
15"x15"x5" Inches
18"x18"x5" Inches
21"x21"x5" Inches
24"x24"x5" Inches
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• Stylish Elegant Design: Add high-style to any Bathroom, Kitchen or Bar
Vanity with this Sleek and Contemporary Sink Bowl, which offers Modern,
Minimalist Elegance and Glamour to instantly update any Room.

• Premium Glaze: This Sink has a Smooth, Non-Porous Surface for Added
Durability and a High-Gloss Finish. Simply Wipe the Sink Surface with a Damp
Cloth to keep it Looking Beautiful with Minimal Maintenance.

• Uniqueness: No two Sinks are exactly alike, as the Gem Stones used have
different Pattern & Textures. Handcrafted in India by Skilled Marble Artisan.

• Counter Top Installation: Vanity Sink with no Faucet Hole, no Overflow.
Designed to work with both Counter and Wall-Mounted Vessel Faucets.

Process of Making Marble Inlay
1. We are inlaying semiprecious stones in three different colors of marble
White Marble,Black Marble & green marble.
2. The Marble used to inlay the semiprecious stone comes from city of Makrana,
Rajasthan India.
3. First we cut the marble in different shape example
Round,Octagonal,rectangle,oval & square shape.
4. After cutting the marble we paint the surface of marble with Hina(red
Color) so we can sketch the geometry on the surface of Marble.
5. With the Help Of emery wheel we cut,polish & shape the semiprecious in
different forms of flowers,buds,leafs & stems all the cutting of the
semiprecious stones are manually cut by the artisans.
6. After cutting the semiprecious stones we assemble them to complete the
motif & then the semiprecious stones are placed on the surface of marble so we
can trace them on the surface of marble to make the exact size of the cavities
once the stones are traced we remove the stones from the surface of marble &
then manually we chisels the marble with the diamond chisels & tungsten carbide
chisels once the cavities are completed we place the semiprecious stone in the
cavities to check the depth of the stones.
7. When we are fully sure that the stone fits well in the cavities we use
special kind glue to fix the semiprecious stones into the marble.
8. After completing the inlays into the marble we first rub the surface of
marble with sandstone & then we polish the surface of marble with sandpaper
which brings the natural shine on the surface of marble & to the semiprecious
stone & we use wax polish to make the surface shiny.
9. Most interesting expect of this pietre dure( marble inlay with hard stone)
all the designs are made by the artisans are purely an imagination of artist
once made they cannot make another one exactly the same it will look similar
but will not be the same.
10. This beautiful art is a dying art of Agra,India the artisans those make
this beautiful art are the descendants of those families who built the Tajmahal
in 17 century Tajmahal is a monument of love & you can easily see the artwork
done with the same technique on the walls of the Tajmahal.
11. I Invite you to come to Agra,India & visit the beautiful Tajmahal & you
will surely be impressed & we request you give us a chance to show you the true
handmade art of Agra by our artisans.
12. When you are purchasing this beautiful handmade Marble inlay art you will
always be happy because all the pcs made by our artisans with love,hope &
13. You will always be enjoying the beautiful handmade marble inlay artwork
secondly you will be supporting the local artisans of Agra,India to keep this
beautiful dying art Alive.
14. All the purchase benefits the artisans & the buyer as there is no middle
men in selling & buying.

What is Marble Inlay Work?

“Marble Inlay work” is one of the most attractive art that done from marble.
Same type of that adorns the Taj Mahal and other Mughal monuments.It is a
closely protected traditional art and only a few expert exponents are available
today. The delicate process involves cutting and engraving marble shapes
manually. To start with, a predefined pattern e.g., floral design or
geometrical design is engraved on the marble slab. Small pieces of marble of
different shades are cut delicately to fit in these grooves precisely. These
small pieces are then slipped in the grooves. Apart from marble, many other
materials can also be used.

History of Inlay Art:

Inlay work on delicate precious stone began in the workshops of Florence in
Italy around the end of the 16th century. This was known as PIETRA
DURA.(Pietra= Stone, Dura= Hard) The Italians had created a classic artistic
form and held a monopoly over it. From 1630 onward pietra dura appeared on
moveable, small objects as decorative panels, with bird and flower motifs,
suitable for cabinet fronts and table tops. Some of these soon reached the
Mughals in the form of presents. Of all the Mughal Emperors, Shah Jahan was the
greatest patron of architecture in India. For him no amount of money or time
was too much to create enduring, everlasting architectural beauty and through
it be remembered always. It is in his buildings that one feels most compelled
to make the connection between Mughal art and pietra dura. The Taj Mahal, the
cenotaphs of the Emperor and his wife, the main floor and the surrounding
marble railings bear very close resemblances to the pietra dura form.

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