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Pipe Leg Leveling Feet (set of two)

$25 $ 17.5
3/4 Inches
1 Inches
SKU : es-102217508 Category : Plumbing Pipes & Fittings

One of the biggest problems when you make pipe leg furniture is getting the
legs exactly the same length. Its always a disappointment when you put your
best effort into making a table or a stool and you set it on the floor for the
first time and notice that it doesn't sit flat. It wobbles. Maybe you get lucky
and it does sit flat on the floor in your shop. Then you take it into the house
and it doesn't. Shimming the short leg up with a folded napkin just isn't an
option; as if you were in some dive bar with a wobbly table. Is the floor flat?
Are the legs the same length? Is the nice wooden top you just made a little
warped? Who knows? If you used a pipe cap or a floor flange on you've got a
problem. If you use these leveling feet your problem is solved. Just adjust the
screw in levelers until your new piece sits just the way you want it. The other
problem with pipe furniture is that it can scratch or otherwise damage your
floor. The stainless steel leveler in these feet will never leave a rust mark
on your carpet and will eliminate the tendency of a bare pipe fitting to
scratch. I haven't seen anything like these on the market; which is surprising
because they totally solve one of the most vexing problems with pipe leg
furniture in a way that is effective, clean and even attractive.

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