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Modern Proper Copper Knob. Contemporary Drawer Knob, Handle, Knob. Drawer Pull. Cabinet knob. Small Cabinet knob. Kitchen Door Handle.

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Natural Copper
Satin Lacquered
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Copper Knob

Here you have a beautiful minimalist copper knob (small).
Handcrafted from 100% pure copper and available in two luxurious finishes.

Give your kitchen cabinets, chest of drawers or wardrobe doors that wow factor.

- Crafted from genuine 100% pure copper.
- More smooth: This knob is hand sanded and polished, to release the coppers
smooth finish.
- Coppers Natural antimicrobial benefits (see questions and answers copper
- Handcrafted in our Brighton workshop and engineered for long lasting
impeccable results.
- Easily installed and all the necessary FITTINGS SUPPLIED.

Colour: Rustic
We first sand and polish the copper to give it a smooth satin effect which is
left natural (not treated). The copper will then age gradually overtime,
darkening in colour to a variety of rustic tones. Coppers antibacterial
properties only apply to this finish.

Colour: Pink-Orange.
The copper is first sanded to reveal the metals bare service we then polish to
a mirror shine Satin finish that reflects the light beautifully. Our specialist
lacquering (treatment) team then apply to the copper two coats of hardened
acrylic based lacquer, which helps protect the coppers luxurious shine and

Diameter: 17mm, Length/Depth: 24mm

This copper knob is easily installed with just 1 screw.
We pair all our knobs with the required fixings: 1 × M4 screw, 25mm long (1''

See questions and answers below for full details, and DISCOUNT COUPONS.

Copper Is a natural antimicrobial material.
An antimicrobial material is a natural material that kills 99.9% of all germs,
viruses, and bacteria within 1-2 hours of contact with its surfaces.
Making copper an ideal choice for your kitchen and bathroom, where most germs,
viruses, and bacteria live!
(this only applies to the Natural Copper Finish).

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