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Lavabo fait main. Handmade washbasin. Ceramic sink

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Moroccan Round Washbasin, Sink ,Wash Basin ,Ceramic Handmade Hand Painted sink.

Product Description:

Beautifully hand painted ceramic sinks by Moroccan master artisans in Fez ,
this hand painted ceramic sink from Fes suits any interior with its simple form
and uniform colours. The sink is also double painted from inside and outside.
These sinks sit or sink in into the vanity unit with the lip of the sink
sitting above.

we recommend you have your sink before making any cuttings or cabinetry to
fit the sink.

this sink is available in our store


100% Authentic Moroccan Fes ceramic sink.

Pattern is resistant to abrasion,

cleaning and fading.

Floral and geometric Moroccan designs are available in cobalt blue and

If you are looking for a whole new look to your bathroom, we suggest adding a
sense of the Moroccan sink.


We send the item from moroccan .It should arrive in 10-19 business days
depending on where you are located.

Please introduce us if you are wholesaler, then you call again so we can send
you a better price
Available in sinks

I would be happy to answer your questions.

Evier céramique Marocain de Fes 100% authentique. Motif résistant à
l’abrasion, le nettoyage et la décoloration.
Peinture traditionnelle à la main en céramique bleu cobalt unique à Fès, Maroc.
Motifs marocains géométriques sont disponibles en bleu cobalt et multi-couleurs
Installation: à encastrer ou à poser, il est conseillé d’attendre de recevoir
l’évier avant de monter la base et couper l’ouverture
l’évier est compatible avec plomberie standard.

Aussi dur que n’importe quel évier moderne produit en série

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