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Large Wood Carved Furniture Onlay Aartouche Applique

$85 $ 59.5
A = 4,33"
A = 4,92"
A = 5,71"
A = 6,69"
A = 7,87"
A = 9,84"
A = 11,81"
SKU : es-784325285 Category : Moldings & Trim

>> Please note that in some pictures there are presented options for using the
product with a different decor, which you can purchase separately through our

This wooden applique with an ornate cartouche is carved from solid wood and
manually refined by our craftsmen. Its interesting, but laconic design will be
perfect for classical and neoclassical interiors. Such element gives some
uniqueness and completeness to the furniture, refreshing its look.

☺️ Professional processing and grinding made it possible to get a smooth, soft
surface without any defects, which is convenient to stain and varnish.

☺️The product is made according to the highest quality standards, so it's a
very durable piece of decor that will delight you for many years to come.

✔ Dimensions:

- 4.33" x 3.9" x 0.67" (A x B x C)
- 4.92" x 4.45" x 0.75" (A x B x C)
- 5.71" x 5.16" x 0.87" (A x B x C)
- 6.69" x 6.06" x 1.02" (A x B x C)
- 7.87" x 7.13" x 1.18" (A x B x C)
- 9.84" x 8.9" x 1.42" (A x B x C)
- 11.81" x 10.67" x 1.69" (A x B x C)

✔ Material: Oak/Beech

✔ Condition: New, Unfinished, Ready for painting and varnishing

*If you need a different size or have any questions, please contact us. We'll
be happy to help you and make a custom product!

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