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Hand Hammered Brass 18 x 16 x 7" - IN STOCK - New Nov 2021!

$575 $ 99
2" opening
3 1/2" opening
1 1/2"
Polished Brass
Matte Brass
Antique / w. Brass
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Product Description:
Hand Hammered solid Brass Round Drum Bar/Kitchen Prep Sink 18 x 16 made by
Santa Clara Brass. Hand Made by our skilled artisans in our own shop in Santa
Clara del Cobre, which specializes in hammered and smooth Brass products. All
of our brass sink finishes are living finishes and will age naturally, they are
non-lacquered, but come sealed with a natural beeswax polish we made in-house
at our shop. Photos of original sink hand created by my shop!

Care and Maintenance:
Shiny and matte finishes will naturally oxidize and tarnish, and the antique/
weathered brass finish can lighten over time with excessive use. You can use
Barkeepers Friend and or a natural deoxidizer polishing paste like lemon juice
and salt or in Mexico we use Valentina hot sauce (similar to Tasbasco hot
sauce), to remove tarnish from a shiny sink. Most bronze and brass statues
throughout Mexico are maintained by municipalities using hot sauce. A little
paste wax and or beeswax polish will help maintain the finish longer.
Do not clean Antique / Weathered Brass with brass cleaners as they will
lighten the finish. Mild soap and water is all that you need. 000 Steel Wool /
or a green scour pad can be used to burnish tarnish off these finishes.
Outside Dim 18"x 16"x 7"
Inside Dim 16"x 14"
Drain Opening 2" Opening / and a 3 1/2" standard stocking item - 1 1/2" will
take 2 days more
Edge Detail 1" Flat Edge
Mount Type Surface or under counter mount
Made by hand by Santa Clara Brass Hammered Brass Products

Additional Information
Brand santaclarabrass