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Grape Leaves Handcrafted Decorative Wood Moulding Trim 78"

$244 $ 99
A = 2,56 inches
A = 4,72 inches
SKU : es-761094124 Category : Moldings & Trim

ATTENTION, PLEASE: For ease of transportation and better preservation of the
product, it is divided into 2 parts!

This elegant molding panel is an original addition to your interior. It's made
according to the highest quality standards, so it has a smooth, soft surface
without any defects, which is convenient to stain and varnish.

Its accurate and relief grape leaves and flowers pattern will brighten your
home up and create a special atmosphere there.

✔ Dimensions:

- 2.56" x 78.74" x 0.43" (A x B x C)
- 4.72" x 78.74" x 0.83" (A x B x C)

✔ Materials: Oak/Beech

✔ Condition: New, Unfinished, Ready for painting and varnishing

*If you need a different size or have any questions, feel free to contact us.
We'll be happy to help you and make a custom product!

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