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Door Knobs, Antique Dummy Door Knobs, Round Glass on Wrought Copper Plated Brass Ornate Door Plates, Set of 2 Each, ca 1925

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This is a set of 2 each antique flat-faced round glass door knobs with brass
shanks. These 2-1/16" door knobs are absolutely gorgeous and matched, and are
mated to a set of wrought brass copper-plated floral ornate door plates
measuring 6-1/4" x 1-3/4". These door plates have an awesome natural patina and
price is for the set of 2 each of these old American delectables.

This piece is a DUMMY KNOB Set Only. What is a Dummy Knob? A dummy knob is for
pulling, not for turning. A dummy knob is a face mount pull knob that acts as a
way to open/close a door, pull/push or side to side. Ideal applications are on
closet doors, cabinet doors, barn doors or french doors...any door that has an
alternate method of latching (like a ball catch), but needs a cool piece of
original antique hardware to pull it open and closed. Other applications
include use as wall towel hooks, curtain tiebacks or just wall art! My antique
dummy door knobs are all actual antique, period specific door knobs that have
been mated to a door plate or rosette (the round door plates). If you are
looking for Operable Door Knobs please contact us with your needs.

SHIPPING NOTE: If you purchase multiple listing on one order we will refund
any shipping cost saved by single-boxing your product.

Mounting to the surface is via screws through the door plate screw holes
(which you supply due to variation in door types, wood types and application).

For Plain Bronze Mounting Screws, see:

For Black Head Bronze Mounting Screws, see:

The reason why we do not provide mounting screws are:
1. Every application (french, cabinet, barn, pantry, wall, hook or art) is a
bit different. There are differences in door construction, door materials (wood
types), and door thicknesses. There is no "universal" screw type, size or
2. Aesthetically, clients may like the look of one screw type or color over
another. Some clients may want the screws to blend in, and so make like black,
silver, bronze, or bright brass face colors. Some may like the screws to "pop",
and so go for opposing/contrasting colors. Some want to match existing, and
some don't care at all.
3. For advice, almost all period screws that we deal with were single slot
faced wood screws. They did come in three popular head styles: Flathead,
Ovalhead, or Roundhead. Your choice will depend on the door plate type, as well
as the look your are wanting. If you would like advice on a particular set,
feel free to contact us.

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