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Cabinet Pull, Dresser Handle, Steel Furniture Pull, Iron Handle, Forged, Industrial, Farmhouse, Drawer Pull, Kitchen Handle, Cabinet Handle

$14.3 $ 10.01
Hot Waxed (Black)
Rubbed Oil (Natural)
SKU : es-520396723 Category : Drawer Knobs & Pulls

A beautiful and functional piece of art, this hand-wrought steel drawer pull
adds flair to any home's décor. Completely hand-forged, this piece offers the
distinct beauty given to it by each hammer strike. As with all hand-forged
items, the finished product will have slight differences due to the process of
working the metal, making each piece truly unique.

You can add matching knobs or customize a whole house's cabinetry with various
designs if you like!

This style is created using 3/8" round stock.
Please contact me for ordering unlisted versions and for custom or multiple

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Etsy is a very large entity, and you are working directly with a small vendor,
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There are several sizes available under the drop down tab for "size" on
certain listings.

Bracket sizing-
Brackets are created with the listed dimensions as usable space from inside
the lip. Meaning you will select the bracket size based on the "true"
measurement of the shelf piece you will be using. Please note, due to the
completely handcrafted nature of the process, there will be a (+) tolerance to
ensure proper fit, with the exception of brackets that do not have a front lip;
those utilize a (-) tolerance.

Handles and Pulls sizing-
All handles and pulls are sized with the listed dimensions as the measurement
from hole to hole. Again, due to the entirely handcrafted nature of the
process, there can be very slight (+/-) tolerances.

When a “blackened” or “black” finish is selected it will function as a
semi-permanent/temporary rust inhibitor and will wear and patina depending on
use and environment. All other finishes should be expected to exhibit the
natural visual qualities of steel. Natural raw and oiled finishes will have the
mill scale, rust, and marks from the life of the steel. While a blackened
finish darkens, and blends the blemishes while still giving the feel of the
metal substrate (unlike a paint). Differences in the finish can include, but
are not limited to, sheen, hue, and even "density". A distressed finish (when
available) will have a bit more marking and extraneous hammer blows to
emphasize the rustic effect, while the other options have cleaner lines.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, all items are a single piece.
Any images on the listing are for display purposes only, Sol Forge has posted
a sample of a general example and size that was created at a different time.
Sol Forge creates all pieces to order and you will not receive those same
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ordered. Differences from piece to piece are to be expected as they are created
by a blacksmith that handcrafts all pieces. These differences may include but
are not limited to visual differences of the stock material or finish, natural
(+/-) tolerances due to the process of working the steel, perceived proportions
on the sample image (notably when selecting the larger or smaller sizes on a
listing). Anything not stated or described will be left to the
artist’s/blacksmith’s/creator’s (or more simply… Sol Forge’s) discretion and
interpretation, unless discussed prior to purchase. For anything not discussed,
you acknowledge release of Sol Forge (the little ole forge on the farm) from
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By purchasing you understand that Sol Forge is not responsible for any damage
due to improper use or installation.

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