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Cabinet Applique Wooden Carved Acanthus Leaf Drop Onlay

$44 $ 30.8
A = 1.57"
A = 1.97"
A = 2.44"
A = 3.15"
A = 3.54"
A = 4.33"
SKU : es-784643873 Category : Moldings & Trim

This wooden drop onlay in the form of a short acanthus leaf is perfect for
classic-style interiors - as an elegant finishing touch or as an original
floral accent. Its laconic design and accurate, deep relief can refresh your
furniture, walls or doors, giving a touch of uniqueness to them.

Professional processing and manual refinement made it possible to get a smoth,
soft surface without any defects, which is convenient to stain and varnish.

✔ Dimensions:

- 1.57" x 2.17" x 0.35" (A x B x C)
- 1.97" x 2.72" x 0.43" (A x B x C)
- 2.44" x 3.35" x 0.55" (A x B x C)
- 3.15" x 4.33" x 0.71" (A x B x C)
- 3.54" x 4.84" x 0.79" (A x B x C)
- 4.33" x 5.94" x 0.98" (A x B x C)

✔ Material: Oak/Beech

✔ Condition: New, Unfinished, Ready for painting and varnishing

*If none of the sizes above are suitable for you, or you have any
questions/requests, feel free to contact us! We'll be happty to help you and
make a product, according to individual parameters, including a custom design.

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