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Butterfly door knocker with faux brilliant on its wing tips,Solid Brass,Polised Finish

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Butterfly door knocker with faux brilliant on its wing tips

Height: 11cm.
Width: 12cm

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Solid Brass Butterfly door knocker from Anatolica® has been reproduced in
Turkey, loyally to its traditional method of production.

Sand cast in solid brass following an original antique pattern gives this door
knocker a gorgeous and elegant antique look.
Hand polished with an unlacquered finish.

How It’s Made

Molten brass is poured in special sand moulds, forming an antique pattern.
When cool, the hand finished and polished casts create an authentic effect and
an “antique” style, due to not being machine finished.

* Suitable for use on external or Internal wooden , UPVC and composite doors.
* Surface mount fixing - securely screwed in from the front of the door with
screws. This method of fixing involves screwing the door knocker into the door
from the front, with no fixings visible from the rear side of the door.
* It comes with the fixing screws. We do however recommend that you check with
the manufacturer of the door for alternative fixings to suit your door type.
* Due to the hand crafted nature of the products all measurements are
approximate. These should be used as a guide only. Also your door knocker may
vary slightly from photographs or due to problems with light photography, there
may be some chromatic aberration.
* All of our products go through rigorous quality control, however on occasion
you may find small marks or imperfections that come about through sand moulding

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Brand AnatolicaLimited