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Barn Door Hardware - Spoked Barn Door Hardware- Custom Barn Door Hardware - Barn Door Kit - Sliding Barn Door - Fast!

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Black With Rail
Black Rail Drilled
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Barn Door Hardware Spoked Barn Door Hardware Barn Door Hardware Kit

Featuring our 'Hush Puppy' dual sealed ball bearing wheels. Super Quiet, Super

With or without rail. 77 inch rail with black spoked hardware. Custom
Available, see our other listings or contact us.

Clearance needed above door: 7-1/2".

Beware of those selling cheap priced hardware, most of which coming out of
Canada and China. I.A D├ęcor only sells quality. We have great workmanship,
customer service and package well to avoid bent rails during shipment. Others
may looks similar, but don't truly compare.

Why choose us over our competitors?
Simply put, quality and custom options! Our barn door hardware are not
retrofitted from compressor wheels, garage door pulleys or floor casters. They
are made specifically for barn doors. Ours have dual sealed ball bearings
compared to others with straight shaft, needle bearings that leak oil, need
maintenance or have oiled bronze bushings that squeak.

Clearance needed above door: 7-1/2".

Key Features and Comparison:
1. Sealed Double Ball Bearings For Quiet, Super Smooth Operation. Competitors
do not have sealed bearings causing premature wear and rougher glide. Others
use high maintenance needle bearings that leak grease.
2. Rated To 200 Pounds. Compare to others.
3. Rubberized Stops Ease The Shut. Compare To Others With No Rubber causing a
hard landing and chipping paint.
4. Wheel Made Specifically For Barn Door Rails, which keeps doors better
5. Custom Available. We can cut your rails to specific measurement.
6. Quiet Durable Wheel Compared To Cast or Pot Metal. Others are pot metal or
cast, known to warp, crack and are noisy.
7. Our stops can adjust to anywhere on the rail allowing for a better fitting.
8. ALL of our hardware is sealed.

Other details:

Pre-drilled: If you select us to drill the rail for you, we will drill the
rail evenly spaced. If you are trying to hit specific studs, we suggest you
drill on site.

Custom rail lengths available on request. All rails longer then 77" please
contact us to set up a custom listing. If rail is selected we will ship you a
77" unless you put in the 'notes to seller' a shorter size.

This listing is for a complete hardware set including the track rail
(optional) if selected. Door is not included.

What is in the kit?
(1) Rail If Selected Custom Size Up To 77" (Contact us for longer rail options)
(2) Spoked Wheel 4.75" diameter & Hangers
(4) Wheel Hanger Washers, Bolts and Nuts
(5) Metal Rail To Wall Spacers
(5) Lag Bolts and Drywall Inserts
(2) Rubberized Door Rail Stoppers
(1) Floor Guide
(1) Instruction Sheet
(1) Allen Wrench For Rubber Stoppers
(2) Round Guides
(Note: Hardware is standard for 1-3/8" to 1-1/2" door thickness. If thicker
contact us as we will need to make custom bolts, spacers, etc.)

\\\\\ double your door width and add 5" for the stops /////

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http://www.iadecor.com for more options. ***

***Installation video and instructions****

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See our blog article and see why IAD is a great choice for your sliding door


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