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Antique Scroll Edge Trim Furniture Applique Wooden Furniture Moulding | Decorative Molding Bendable When Heated

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Are you ready to change your home with new decorations?

With our bendable trim molding furniture applique designed for you, you can
add different decorative shapes anywhere in your home.

The mouldings can be added to furniture to create dimension and detail to
individualize your piece or to create a more period look.

Wooden furniture mouldings are made from a wood pulp product, making them
totally eco-friendly. When warm air is applied to the moulding (either with a
hairdryer or heat gun) they become flexible and can then be adhered to
contoured surfaces with wood glue. Once dry, the mouldings can then be treated
the same as real wood - they can be painted, stained, sanded and even drilled.

Additional designs are also available, please see our other listings.

Type - Furniture Applique / Moulding
Style - Bread Scroll Edge Trim PMR-070
Material - Wood Pulp Product

Dimensions: 1,3cm x 100cm

Perfect for:
Enhancing Furniture, Door Trims, Wood, Glass, MDF, Upcycling Products and as a
gift for those who love to Woody Craf Studio.

Care Instructions:
Mouldings can be fragile prior to heating, handle with care when unwrapping.

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