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Antique salvaged 1900’s lock with porcelain knobs and glass knobs collection

$65 $ 45.5
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Antique salvaged 1900’s door lock with attached porcelain knobs saved from a
house in EasternTennessee.

Plates are very ornate and displays as a piece of art. This piece is very old
and shows it’s antique age and use with some rust which makes it even more
beautiful. Working mechanism.

Porcelain white attached knobs has sign of wear with some scuffs. That’s what
makes this antique collection so attractive.

Included are two antique adorable glass knobs to create an instant beautiful
Farmhouse collection.

Lock set: Plate 4.25” Long & .75” Wide
Porcelain Knob to Knob 4.5” Wide

Glass knobs: Knob #1 has 12 points 2” Wide. No chips or cracks.
Knob #2 has 8 points 2” Wide. No chips or cracks.

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Brand WeepingWillowsNest