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Antique Dummy Door Knobs, Cast Bronze EC Lettered (Excelsior Club - Boston) Knobs on Cast Domed Rosettes, Set of 4 Each with Screws, ca 1892

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What a great set of beautiful and unusual Eastlake era antique door hardware!
This is a set of 4 each heavy cast bronze radial design door knobs with the
letters E and C scripted on the face. The letters wrap together and so can be
read as EC or CE. This design is said to have been designed for the Excelsior
Club in Boston, MA in about 1892. The knobs were possibly manufactured by
Norwalk Lock Co. (South Norwalk, CT). These pieces are large (2-1/4") and heavy
at almost 3/4 lb. for each knob/rosette. The antique cast bronze three
screwhole rosettes measure 2-3/16" with an nice patina. Price for the set of 4
each of these great examples of old and unique all-American awesomeness and

These are as a DUMMY KNOBS ONLY. What is a Dummy Knob? A dummy knob is for
pulling, not for turning. A dummy knob is a face mount knob that acts as a way
to open/close a door, pull/push or side to side. Ideal applications are on man
doors, cabinet doors, barn doors or french doors...any door that has an
alternate method of latching, but needs a cool piece of original antique
hardware to pull it open and closed. Other applications include use as wall
towel hooks, wall coat hooks, curtain tiebacks or just wall art! My antique
dummy door knobs are all actual antique, period specific door knobs that have
been mated to a door plate or rosette (the round door plates).

SHIPPING NOTE: If you purchase multiple listing on one order we will refund
any shipping cost saved by single-boxing your product.

WITH SCREWS. Mounting to the wood surface is via screws through the door plate
screw holes. This set is PROVIDED with a set of high-quality 1" solid bronze #6
slotted wood screws. The screws will be raw bronze unless aesthetically
required, then these screw heads will have a satin black finish to help them to
blend into the darker door plate finish.

Screw Design: We only use SLOTTED head design screws because they are
historically accurate. Never use a Philips or other screw head types when
installing historic antique hardware.

Screw Material: We use bronze because it is harder than brass and will no
color like iron. Bronze screws are what was used on all of the best historic
hardware installations.

Screw Length: We supply 1" screws because this is the average size that people
request. Remember that the depth into the wood is less that 1" because the door
plate thickness must be accounted for. If you think you need longer or shorter
screws please make a note when you place your order. Thickness of the plate,
the door, the type and age of the wood, and the actual application all come
into consideration when specifying your screw length. The longer the screw, the
more bite the assembly will have in the wood.

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