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4 " ( 10 cm) or 5 1/8" (13 cm) Chinese round brass face plate for cabinet furniture with pin lock and hanging pullers

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10 cm (4 ")
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Chinese cabinet pull plate in dark brass colour with pin lock and 2 hanging
pullers. Easy installation.

Perfect for cabinet, dresser, wardrobe or kitchen cabinet. Good for living
room, bedroom or kitchen furniture.


Diameter: 4" ( app. 10 cm) or 5 1/8" (app. 13 cm). Please, choose the size

Thickness of the metal plate- 1 mm.

Length of the puller details - 1 " ( 2.6 cm)

The rivets sticking out app. 1/2" (1.2 cm) from the attached surface.

Material: brass

The price is per 1 set ( includes 2 parts of face plate, 4 bifurcated rivets ,
6 nails, 2 leaf-shaped pullers, 1 pin-lock ). Choose the quantity if you want
more than 1.

When we use bifurcated rivets, we need a needle nose plier, a hammer, a power
drill and the suited drill bit. When we use simple pins, we only need a hammer.

The steps of installing with bifurcated rivets:
Step 1, drill a hole at the same width as the holes of the face plate .
Step 2, assemble rivets onto the hardware and insert rivets into the hole.
Step 3, spread the bifurcated rivets flat against wood respectively, if rivets
are soft, even need hook the ends into wood.

The steps of installing simple pins:
Step 1, assemble pins onto the hardware.
Step 2, knock pins into wood vertically and lightly.

Please, check the sizes carefully before order.

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Thank you!!

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