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3 Vintage Wood Moldings Vintage Salvage

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I have 3 wood molding pieces vintage salvage. I'm not sure what they came off
of, they all the same. They measure about 18 7/8" in width x about 1 3/4" in h
x about 3/8" in d. The finish on them shows some wear. When I acquired these
they had white specs all over them - I scrubbed and got most of them off but
there still are a few remaining to be polished off- they almost come off with a
scrape of the fingernail, they should come clean with a bit more tlc. The side
edges are beveled on the sides of them. The old rusty finish nails are still
present so please use care when unpacking. These would be awesome worked into a
new project/repurposed to add some antique charm. There are designs on both
ends of all 3 (same design) with a couple of them having a bit of the original
round wood piece still attached to the ends. I think they may have a veneer
finish.....1 of the 3 has damage on the center of it and then on 1 side.

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