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3 pc Wood Vintage Salvage

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I have a 3 pc Wood Vintage Salvage items. It resembles a towel holder. It is
in 3 pieces currently - originally the thick wood "spindle" fit in between the
2 decorative ends with the "spindle" having center dowels to fit into the holes
on the end pieces. The end pieces measure about 6 7/8 in L x about 1 1/4" in W
x about 2 1/4" in D on the top wider section and about 1 1/2" on the lower
section. The center shaped spindle measures about 8 1/4" in W not including the
3/8" center dowel on either end. Wrapping a tape measure around it it measures
about 4 3/4" in the center. There are small dowels on the upper backs of the
end pieces and places for a screw to secure this item on the lower front of the
center pieces. The finish is in fair condition with damage to the finish on 1
of the especially. The back inside of end piece has a discolored line going the
length of the piece and the same one has damage on the lower right side top and
side of the end piece. The center spindle is shaped and the end pieces have
lines carved in decoration on them. I would say this is in fair condition.

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